Dale Play Records

You may not be familiar with Dale Play Records, but you’ll likely have heard a song they released with Shakira and Bizarrap earlier this year. “Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53” (alternatively known as “Out of Your League“) was Shakira’s divorce song that ‘broke the internet’ with a cool 500million Youtube views and counting.

Representing the best of Argentinian singers and rappers (and now international superstars), Dale Play Records sought an office lighting experience at their headquarters to reflect the high-stakes image-making work of the firm. By installing Casambi, they can now create scenes to inspire music, musings and business meetings.

DALE PLAY Records is an independent record label that accompanies its artists in the development of their careers, the creation of their music and the international expansion of their projects. They work with artists like DUKI, Nicki Nicole, Rei, WOS, Rels B, Delaossa, LUANA, TAICHU, among others. Spanning 770 square meters across 4 floors, Dale Play’s office is located in Palermo – arguably the trendiest neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


The lighting strategy

The concept developed by designer Sabrina Mandel considers staff needs and their famous clientele. The lighting offers dynamic light that changes with occupant activities while remaining in sync with available daylight to avoid over-illumination and glare. The luminaires always offer warm light and good chromatic reproduction so that celebrity faces always look their best.

The concept simultaneously brings together different lighting systems. Everyone has the possibility of creating bespoke lighting scenes in keeping with any tasks at hand. Architecturally speaking, most spaces are integrated – that is to say seamlessly connected – allowing people to naturally flow from one area in to another. The lighting concept complements this movement. Three systems come into play: Direct, indirect and highlight lighting. When their intensity and color are regulated, they generate climates befitting a task or event. Luminaires with warm light were used in 3000K and a chromatic reproduction rate greater than 85 in all cases. The luminaires tie into the architecture in a discrete manner.

The lighting is raised to highlight textures and materials. The ground floor utilizes indirect light with elevations achieved  through  emphasis  of the vegetation. The main access through the patio creates a fresh and friendly welcome.

Multiple scenes have been programmed catering to different use cases; no/low occupancy and circulation lighting, event, daytime, nighttime and special occasion lighting scenes. The first turns on only the indirect light effects at 100% and direct light at 10%, the second turns on 80% of the luminaires in open spaces, and the third plays with the RGB lighting on the third floor and turns on circulation at 100 % but for the rest, it leaves a low level of light intensity.

Along with the easy orchestration of multi-level lighting, Sabrina Mandel, attributed further four successes to the Casambi system:

Sustainability credentials

‘The best way to save energy is to have a luminaire off when nobody needs it on. Smart wireless lighting control allows you to switch off when a space sits empty and even lower the intensity of the light when required. The latter almost doubles the useful life of the luminaires and minimizes their replacement. Integrated luminaires were used, which removes the need to replace lamps every 5000 hours. This benefit is undeniable’.

Intelligent lighting control

‘Intelligent, wireless lighting control technology allows you to design flexibility into an installed system – such that a system can easily adapt to unforeseen future needs too. Casambi offers a scalable controller, with free software, which manages scenes, dimming levels and groups through a mobile app without high costs or complexity in handling and installation. That allows each user, through a password, to adjust the light level of the space that he uses at any time.’

Dynamic lighting

‘Thanks to the intelligent digital controller, the dynamic light project changes over 16 hours of use and for each user. If it is a cloudy day, come rain or shine, the installed artificial lighting adapts perfectly to the weather and the needs of each user’.

First of its kind

‘Office buildings with lighting that’s 100% controlled using Casambi are few and far between in Argentina. This is one of the first projects and I am pleased to share that the users are happy. The inauguration was a resounding success. Casambi was chosen as the lighting control system on account of the flexibility, versatility, and interoperability it affords (we could seamlessly integrate different brands). This project bears testimony to the fact it’s a reliable, easy-to-use and program wireless system. Thank you, Casambi’.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Concept and lighting design
Sabrina Mandel at SM

Interior designer & architecture
Unomasuno studio

Supplier and commissioning

Ideailuminacion, Huupiluminaccion, Worldledsgo, Vonderk, Imdi.

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