Gustave Roussy

A new HCL installation supports the challenging and emotionally charged work carried out in the world-class facility.

Gustave Roussy is a leading cancer research center in Europe. In fact, it was ranked the third-best oncology hospital in the world by Newsweek magazine, the first one outside the United States. The institute treats patients with all types of cancer, at any age, and is an expert in the treatment of rare and complex tumors.

A large part of their facilities is underground. When occupants of the space reported visual fatigue throughout the day and other negative effects of having little to no access to natural light, a plan was initiated to improve the well-being of its occupants and employees.

The impetus for this project was derived from direct engagement with the client and their employees. We conducted in-depth interviews to gather information about how the space was being utilized and how the implementation of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) could significantly improve mental health and well-being.  Previous reports indicated that the facility was poorly lit, unwelcoming, and challenging to work in.’  said Stuart Payne, Product Manager at Sylvania Lighting. 

SylSmart Standalone-enabled Luminature luminaires were installed to recreate natural light indoors. The ability to control the color temperature of lighting and intensity is critical in creating a space with true HCL. Here, Casambi was specified on account of its great flexibility in scene setting and tunable white control. Daylight and presence sensors were also introduced to ensure spaces were lit only when occupied.

‘After the installation, we conducted several interviews with employees and key project stakeholders, and the feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive. Both the installers and employees expressed satisfaction with the solution and its benefits.’  

During installation:The installers were particularly impressed with the ease of the installation process, and they appreciated the support provided by Sylvania in commissioning the system. This helped to ensure that the solution was properly configured to meet the client’s specific needs.

Day-to-day use:  The employees reported a significant improvement in their well-being following the installation of the solution. They noted that the lighting system made the workspace more inviting and comfortable, particularly during the winter months. Additionally, employees mentioned that the solution improved their ability to carry out tasks, making their work easier and more efficient.

The resulting transformation in the workplace environment highlights the significant impact that proper lighting can have on the mental health and performance of employees – especially so when their work involves the critical care of patients with cancer.

Gustave Roussy, Cancer Research Hospital

Villejuif, France

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