Casambi commissioning competence certification 4C

After completion of the assessment the participants should be able to have complete knowledge of Casambi products, their capabilities and all the wiring connection for several applications. The participants will receive full Casambi software knowlegde, so as to be able to program any project with any demands.

More specific the assessment includes the following:

  • Typical commissioning process

  • General best practices
  • Big project considerations
  • Written test: Casambi knowledge
  • Practical programming “warm up”
  • Final programming test

Becoming a Casambi expert

  • Specially Casambi designed training room, in our facilities
  • Casambi Project planning & integration
  • Casambi Simulation
  • Two Training Days
  • Casambi specialized trainers
  • Small Groups max. 2 persons

The applicant must complete first the Casambi Basic Training.

After completion: