Facade Lighting, Heumarkt 7

In 1826 the „Seilerhaus“ was built opposite the Stadtpark, at the edge of the city center of Vienna. Today it counts among the protected architectural heritage. While renovating the building the decision was taken to furnish the facade with a representative illumination.

Four different kinds of LED-sources were employed to generate lighting that does justice to this precious Biedermeier facade. To adjust the illuminance to the ideal levels, the Schrutek company employed four Casambi ASD with signal boosters to control 22 Dali- and 10 1-10V – drivers. The fine tuning of the levels was effortlessly done from across the street, at a distance of about 25 meters with the Casambi smartphone-app.

Photographs: Moritz Gieselmann

Facade Lighting
Heumarkt 7

Vienna, Austria

JP Immobilien Wien

Lighting Design
Moritz Gieselmann

Schrutek LED Technik Gmbh

Anlagentechnik E.Fischer Gmbh

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