Casambi basic training

After completion of the training the participants should be able to have complete knowledge of Casambi products, their capabilities and all the wiring connection for several applications. Moreover, training in Casambi software is being held, and the participants will be able to program projects, with specific number of Casambi nods and basic programming.

More specific the training includes the following:

  • Casambi company profile and establishment in smart lighting
  • Comparison between traditional dimming protocols and Casambi
  • Network overview
  • Casambi products
  • Wiring connections
  • Projects and applications
  • Gateway procedure for remote programming or control
  • Casambi App for IOS or Android
  • Casambi application and features
  • Programming
  • RGB, RGBW, TW programming
  • Group, scenes and network setup
  • Discussion, troubleshooting and solutions
  • Hands on exercises

Casambi basic knowledge:

  • Specially Casambi designed training room, in our facilities
  • Casambi Applications
  • Casambi Programming for small networks (<5 Casambi nods)
  • Two Training Days
  • Casambi specialized trainers
  • Small Groups max. 4 persons

After completion: